Pamper hands & feet

Perfect feet for you

Shorten nails, remove cuticles, remove calluses, varnishing and foot massage.

CHF 98.00
Perfect hands for you

Shorten and shape nails, remove cuticles, varnish and hand massage.

CHF 93.00
Spa manicure

The feel-good program of the “perfect hands” is additionally extended with a hand peeling and a hand mask so that your hands are velvety soft and intensively cared for.

CHF 120.00
Spa Pedicure

In addition to the “perfect feet”, this Relax programme is complemented by a foot peeling and foot mask, so that you can enjoy the ideal feeling of comfort with velvety soft feet.

CHF 125.00
Glow to go

Treat yourself to a quick facial fresh up to go with your manicure, pedicure or eyelash lift. After treatment with IS Clinical’s Active Peel System, your skin will be fresher, plumper and have your glow back.

CHF 39.00
Paraffin hand bath (only bookable in treatment)
CHF 20.00

All prices are subject to change without notice. Subject to change without notice.

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